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Team Management Got Better And Easier With Positive On Field Additions In Madden Mobile

Now, with the latest version of the Madden Mobile game and its improved features you do not have to worry about the team and set management. You will find that several on-field additions have made the game better with more positive moves and better gameplay. You can earn more points, rewards, collectibles and sets by participating in more rewarding and better live events. These collectibles you can use for your building a better and more formidable team comprising of players and legends of your choice and also for the sets. There is possibly nothing you can ask more from the developers to make your gameplay a memorable one for a long time.

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Better Set Management

During the gameplay, you will have better set management ability due to the developed, and improved features of the latest version of Madden Mobile game as all the feedbacks has been taken into account.

  • The new features will make it easier for you to add new items and collectibles to the sets which you found to be a long and tedious task in the earlier versions.
  • The developers of the game have now enabled you to fill an entire set very quickly and very easily.
  • With just a simple click of a specific button called ‘Add Items,’ you can add all that you won at once irrespective of whether your set requires a single or hundreds of items.

Improved Binder Management

Apart from easy set management, the developers of Madden Mobile game has also looked after another area of common concern in the previous versions making binder management easier than before.

  • Now you will require lesser time to sell your collected items in a binder as the process has been simplified and improved.
  • You will be able to post more than one item in the auction house using the improved sell items section.
  • Organizing your madden mobile coins is also very easy when you can post and sell up to twenty items at a time instead of a single item.

Positive Additions On The Field

There are also some positive additions made which will improve your game play and make you feel madden mobile hack tool to be a useful secondary item.

  • You will find that the animations of the new ball carrier and its controls are attractive, useful and also easy to navigate.
  • You can restrict the types of movements of a player according to the physical abilities according to your choice.
  • The power and speed trigger feature adds more attractive layers to the challenges faced by a ball carrier to find success.

Defense Is Smarter

Overall, you will find that latest version of madden Mobile game has features that have made management of sets and also the defensive moves of the game smarter and effective for better gameplay. The new strip from the back looks great when executed, and the ability to create a fumble while carrying a ball adds realistic nature to the game. Gaps are plugged in better by the players and the zones coverage by a player seems to be true to the integrity of a defensive scheme.

Hints to Provide the Best SimCity Buildit Layout

simcity buildit guide

The game of SimCity BuildIt is about building a good city. As the mayor, he should take care of various things while planning the layout of the city so that it comes out well. A few hints are provided to construct a city with the best layout to keep the citizens happy.


While building houses, the player should build minimum number of houses that are required. If you build more houses, the number of utilities demanded will also increase. However, the existing houses can be upgraded.


The factories are important to the city as they produce various goods required to upgrade houses. Factories can be upgraded to produce more quantity of the same product so that the houses can be constructed or upgraded easily. Factories should be put to work at night too, so that they have all the products ready for the next day and the mayor does not have to wait for the production process to get over during the day time.


When unwanted buildings are destroyed, they are destroyed by bulldozing them. However the refund will not be much and the cash spent on building them go to waste. Hence, construction of buildings and bulldozing them should be done only after deep consideration.


Roads interlink the various parts of the city. Care should be taken to link each building with the road so that they can be connected to various services such as water, power and sewage. Hospitals, police stations and fire stations should be accessible too. As the traffic is generally smooth-going, traffic jams do not occur frequently. However, these roads should have provisions to regulate traffic jams by providing bridges and side-roads too. Special provisions should be provided at connecting roads to take care of these problems.

Utility Services

Utility services such as the fire, health and police should be built small in size and should be built, within the radius. Big buildings will be required only after many levels of play. Hence small buildings and facilities will do.


Pollution can be controlled by keeping them towards the city boundaries, so that they do not affect the city residents. Water producing bodies should also be located on the outskirts. These are non-residential parts in the city that can be placed on the outskirts close to one another.


When parks are provided, the neighborhood gets more populated. Landmarks help to increase population too. The other specializations that are required by the Sims in their city are Entertainment and Gambling. These help to improve population and increase revenue and profits for the Mayor. With Golden Keys, you can update them easily. Specialization should be provided as the game level improves so that Simoleons are not unnecessarily wasted.


The mayor has to handle his Simoleons carefully, so that he does not waste his currencies. Unnecessary activities should be avoided. Proper trading activities will help to accumulate Simoleons. You can also accumulate free Simoleons through simcity buildit hack to help you to play the game easily.

Playing the Pixel Gun 3D with Valuable Currency called Gems to Fight Monsters

Pixel Gun 3D is a favorite game among young boys who are more action oriented and want to be in the middle of things where exciting things keep happening. As the game is all about battles and guns and fighting enemies and winning points, it just attracts boys of all ages to the game.

How to Play the Game?

The game can be played by a single player or through multi-players. By multi-players you can play along with your friends or classmates. You can even play with people living across the globe and at the same time you can also chat with them through WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. The main characters of the game are the monsters. These monsters are the enemies who are aggressive creatures that are found in the Survival Mode, Co-op Survival and Campaign Mode. These enemies are capable of walking, running, crawling or even flying when they appear ready to attack your team. The main focus is to attack the enemy monster and you can do this by buying projectiles to kill them. These projectiles have to be bought with coins and gems. There are many monsters like Demon Boss, Military Mech, Slender Man, The Bug, Chainsaw Doctor, Dragon, Armored Stalker, Pyramid Head, etc. You have to fight them with rocket launchers, sniper rifles, magic weapons, energy weapons, etc. which you have to purchase with your gems. The game can be played with a maximum of 10 players and you have to work as a team in the battlefield. Unless you survive in the arena, you cannot fight your monsters. Survival requires the latest weapons and gadgets to fight with more ease and more force.

Collecting Gems

The Gem is the premium currency that is used to play the game. With these gems you can buy weapons of your choice, buy accessories as well as gear for your team of warriors. Gems can be bought by crossing levels and winning points. You can also get them by purchasing it from the app store. You get about 8 to 10 gems when you pay for them with a dollar. The Lucky Chest provides gems to all the iOS and Android users. Gems are awarded when you complete each campaign and the final mission in it. Most of the weapons used for fighting on the battlefield in Pixel Gun 3D can be bought only with gems. The Mining Camp has caverns used to mine gems. Weapons that are used to fight the enemy can also be bought with gems. Gadgets can also be accumulated with gems. You can buy gadgets like damage reflector, time machine and other mechanical gadgets.   As an additional tip, you should know that upgrading your weapons will cost less than purchasing them. So you need fewer gems when you upgrade. You can also acquire gems and coins by using the pixel gun 3d hack apk to play your game with more interest and with more power.